The First Venture Capitalist

Georges Doriot on Leadership, Capital, and Business Organization
AUTHOR BIO: Udayan Gupta is a former Senior Special Writer for the 'Wall Street Journal' and author of "Done Deals". He works with small and entrepreneurial businesses and business groups and organizations to help them understand the financial information needs and develop financial and investor profiles. A graduate of Harvard College, Udayan is a 'Walter Bagehot Fellow in Business and Economics Journalism at Columbia University, New York. He lives in New York City.

Udayan GUPTA (Editor)

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ISBN 9781897411551
Year Published 2006
Year Published 2011
George Doriot was a remarkable individual who achieved success as a teacher, a businessman, and a general in the US Army. Some of his students at the Harvard Business School kept their notes from his course in their desk drawer throughout their business careers. Even if they did not go that far, they never forgot the man or his teachings; nor did the employees of the many companies which he launched as the president of American Research & Development Corporation. This is the first book about George Doriot, and it is a perfect first book: it is in the form of a source book, drawing from the many facets of Doriot's career as seen by many different people, and sometimes in Doriot's own words. All the texts are interesting and highly readable.