Animalphabetical Adventures

AUTHOR BIO: "Kinga is an award-winning graphic designer and illustrator based in London with over 20 years of experience in the field. She worked for an academic publishing house in Poland, where she illustrated and designed over 50 book covers, local government in the U.K. as well as numerous international commercial businesses around the world offering her graphic design and illustrative skills. She worked on a multitude of exciting projects for companies in America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Some of these were brand identity and packaging design for a major Japanese ice cream producer, brand design and illustrations for a leading natural medicine company in Switzerland and identity design for beverage companies in the U.S.A. With degrees in both design and language teaching, she also taught English as a foreign language at a university in Warsaw, Poland as well as English for Speakers of Other Languages and literacy in the U.K. After having children of her own she rediscovered the magic and adventure in children’s books. Highly passionate about little people and creating memorable experiences for them through the world of stories, she wrote and illustrated her debut book, Animalphabetical Adventures, which takes children on a magical adventure with animals from A to Z."


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ISBN 9781988440316
Category Bestsellers, CHILDREN'S / YOUNG ADULTS, E-BOOKS
Year Published 2019
An enchanting book for young children which says:"A is for Ant, B is for...Join Crocodile, Duck, Elephant and other animals on their truly magical adventures and learn to recognise your first letters. Get to know life values such as sharing, kindness, friendship, offering a helping hand and others whilst you learn your alphabet.