Mind into Matter

ARCH transforms Science into Sustainable Enterprise
AUTHOR BIO: Steve Lazarus is Managing Director Emeritus of ARCH Venture Partners. In 1986, he became the founding CEO and President of the ARCH Development Corporation and Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago. From 1974 to 1986 he worked at Baxter Health Care, retiring as Group Vice President of Health Care Services. He served as Director of Amgen Corporation for seventeen years. Co-author Udayan Gupta is a former Senior Special Writer for the 'Wall Street Journal' and author of "Done Deals". He works with small and entrepreneurial businesses and business groups and organizations to help them understand the financial information needs and develop financial and investor profiles. A graduate of Harvard College, Udayan is a 'Walter Bagehot Fellow in Business and Economics Journalism at Columbia University, New York. He lives in New York City.

Steve LAZARUS & Udayan GUPTA

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ISBN 9781896209982
HARDCOVER / PAPERBACK Trade Paperback , eBook
Year Published 2006
Year Published 2011
Since 1980, when the United States government first allowed universities and laboratories to reap commercial profits from federally-funded projects, top institutions have been licensing their research. Over the past decade, more and more institutions believe the big money is in commercializing the research themselves. What are the approaches and elements involved in bridging the gap between academic research and entrepreneurial commercial success? Mind into Matter explores the hiostory and issues of transferring ideas from university researchlabs to the marketplace, and the commercial and global benefits of this process.