A Natural Way of Business

How Frank Ranieri, Theodore Kheel, Oscar de la Renta & Julio Iglesias helped Transform an Island Economy
AUTHOR BIO: Udayan Gupta is a former Senior Special Writer for the 'Wall Street Journal' and author of "Done Deals". He works with small and entrepreneurial businesses and business groups and organizations to help them understand the financial information needs and develop financial and investor profiles. A graduate of Harvard College, Udayan is a 'Walter Bagehot Fellow in Business and Economics Journalism at Columbia University, New York. He lives in New York City. Kathleen Z. Gupta has served as chief development and external affairs officer at the Henry Streey Settlement, a nationally known social services and arts organization based in New York. She is an adjunct instructor at the Hunter College Graduate School of Social Work.

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ISBN 9781896209999
Year Published 2006
How a group of US investors transformed an undeveloped area of the Dominican Republic into a thriving, community friendly, environmentally sensitive resort known as Punta Cana. Beautifully illustrated. Intro by President Bill Clinton.