Guru Nanak

Indic Values Series #2
AUTHOR BIO: Eleanor Nesbitt is Emeritus Professor (Religions and Education), University of Warwick and co-editor of Brill's Encyclopedia of Sikhism. Her many other publications include Sikhism: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford University Press) and Sikh: Two Centuries of Western Women's Art and Writing (Kashi House, forthcoming). Gopinder Kaur has authored advanced level Religious Studies resources (with Edexcel and Eduqas) and presents Visiting Faiths – Sikh Gurdwara (Vyka Ltd). Her work draws on interdisciplinary degrees in Modern Languages, South Asian Studies, Education & Social Science (Universities of Cambridge, London and Birmingham) and on her informal, faith-based learning as a British Sikh.

Eleanor NESBITT & Gopinder KAUR

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ISBN 9781897411964
HARDCOVER / PAPERBACK Trade Paperback , eBook
Year Published 1999
Year Published 2014

A stimulating and creatively illustrated resource to explore the life and legacy of Guru Nanak; winner of the Shap Award 2000 for ‘making an outstanding contribution to the teaching of world religions’.

 Guru Nanak's significance as an inspirational guide to life's meaning and purpose extends beyond his time (550 years ago) and his geographical setting (South Asia), as well as the distinctive religious tradition (the Sikh faith) which preserves his legacy.  To explore Guru Nanak's legacy and its broader significance, this award-winning title combines diverse historical and contemporary images in thirteen easy-to-read, thought-provoking chapters, led by headings such as:

-          Who was Guru Nanak?

-          Does life have a meaning?

-          Can our specific experiences teach us universal truths?

-          Are labels and uniforms necessary?

-          Do we need a sense of direction?

-          Rituals and institutions: are they a help or a hindrance?

-          How can we sum up Guru Nanak’s message?

First published in 1999 to mark the tercentenary of the founding of the Khalsa order, Guru Nanak is part of the Indic Values Series edited by Professor Julius Lipner (Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge).  Recently launched in ebook format to mark the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak, it is now more widely available to share - as a thoughtful digital gift and an informative and inspiring learning resource.