How Canada came to be

A Comprehensive History
AUTHOR BIO: Anna Jennings Steen was born in Calgary in 1936 and, apart from several years in Europe, has lived and maintained family connections from east to west of Canada throughout her checkered career as dancer, actor, librarian, educational television writer/producer, teacher and mother.  To celebrate Canada’s 100th birthday she rode the train (solo) from Pacific to Atlantic coasts, ending in St. John’s, Newfoundland, where she was entertained on a German fishing trawler.  This book celebrates Canada’s 150th birthday.

Anna Jennings STEEN

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ISBN 9781988440057
Category HISTORY
Year Published 2017
The author traces the contributions of Marco Polo, even the capture of Constantinople in 1453 paving the inspiration for explorers like John Cabot, Champlain, Cartier and others to lay the foundations of Canada.