You have been Referred: My Life in Applied Anthropology


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Michael Robinson’s new book is technically a career memoir by someone who spent three quarters of his 37 year career as executive director or CEO of organizations that cultivated and depended upon cross-cultural understanding and sensitivity. But it is much more than that; it is a series of 35 chapters that tell very human stories rooted in Indigenous, corporate and political cultures confronting change in the period 1978 to 2015.

These stories are really gifts from workmates and shared projects in locations as diverse as Nootka Sound on Vancouver Island’s west coast, downtown Calgary’s oil patch, Fort Mackay in Alberta’s boreal forest, Kittygazuit beluga whaling camp on the Arctic coast, the 34th floor of Commerce Court West in Toronto’s financial district, and Lovozero, Jona and Murmansk in Russia’s Kola Peninsula during the advent of perestroika and glassnost.

You have been referred: My Life in Applied Anthropology will open your eyes to the potential of careers that combine values and practice, that challenge stereotypes of success, and that enable lifelong friendships across global cultures.