The winners of the SGDL 2022 Grand Prix

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The winners of the SGDL 2022 Grand Prix

The list of winners of the 2022 edition of the SGDL Grand Prix was announced yesterday. The winners of the categories fiction, non-fiction, children’s novel, poetry and “for the whole of the work”, the Révélation prize and that of the Christiane Baroche for the first collection of short stories have been revealed. The awards ceremony will take place in part on Friday, June 24 at 6:30 p.m. at the Hôtel de Massa in Paris. The Grand Prize SGDL – Ministry of Culture for the work of translation will be announced on Saturday June 25 in the presence of the new Minister of Culture Rima Abdul-Malak.

The list of winners 2022:

  • SGDL Grand Prize for Literature for all of his work, awarded to Claude Louis Combet
  • SGDL Grand Prize for Fiction, awarded to Anouar Benmalek for Love in the Age of Villains (Emmanuelle Collas, 2021)
  • SGDL Grand Prize for Non-Fiction, awarded to Ryoko Sekiguchi for 961 hours in Beirut (POL, 2021)
  • Grand Prix SGDL du Roman jeunesse, awarded to Flora Vesco for gold and pillows (School of Recreation, 2021)
  • SGDL Poetry Grand Prize, awarded to Ludovic Bernhardtfor Reactor 3 [Fukushima] (Lanskin, 2022)

The jury is chaired by Aram Kebabdjian and made up of other members of the committee: Gérald Aubert, Ella Balaert, Ariane Bois, Evelyne Châtelain, Emmanuelle Favier, Christophe Hardy, Françoise Henry, Marianne Rubinstein, Marie Sellier, Isabelle Sivan, François Thiery and de Fleur Richard (General Secretary of the Lieu Unique in Nantes/Festival Atlantide).

  • First Novel Revelation Prize, awarded to David Geselson for Unwritten letters (The Tripod, 2021)
  • Christiane Baroche Prize for the first collection of short stories, awarded to Uli Wittmann for The White Crocodile and other coincidences (Mercure de France, 2021) and special mention to Katayoun Afifi for The Gosans of the sad homeland (Bayeux Arts, 2021)

The jury is chaired by Paul Fournel and composed of authors: Christiane Baroche, Georges-Olivier Châteaureynaud, Dominique Le Brun, Corinna Gepner, Jean-Noël Blanc and Dominique Fabre.

The jury of the Grand Prix SGDL – Ministère de la Culture for the work of translation is chaired by Evelyne Châtelain and composed of translators: Elena Balzamo, Jacqueline Carnaud, Anne Colin du Terrail, Virginie De Bermond-Gettle, Joëlle Dufeuilly, Barbara Fontaine, André Gabastou, Christine Jordis, Mr. Dominique Le Brun, Margot Nguyen Beraud and Jérôme Orsoni.